Hungry fish

I’ve seen some amazing things on this holiday. I’ve seen a full on street brawl in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve seen eagles and scorpions, and had my feet eaten by a hundred hungry fish in a flea market spa. I’ve seen my fiancée just about hold it together within 250m of a small non-venomous and perfectly inactive snake. I’ve seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. But I haven’t seen any bloody football.

So our champions league (kind of) debut was terrifying for you? It was terrifying for me too. I was deep in Malaysian jungle (coconuts no alcohol) without internet access. I didnt even know whether the game was on Tuesday or Wednesday. All I had was basic SMS, like in the war. So when I woke up on Wednesday morning I still didn’t know we had actually played. And then the texts arrived one by one, adrenaline shots delivered five seconds apart, like some kind of messed up championship manager game, set to ‘heartbreak’ level.

‘it kicks off in two hours’…..

‘2-0 down after 15’ – WHAAAAAT!!…..

‘3-0 this is terrible’ – is that the final score? Is this some sort of joke?….

And then redemption of sorts. That pav wonderstrike felt as good to me as it must have felt to any yiddos at the wankdorf. 3-2 away from home. Conventional pre-Mourinho style wisdom would have you believe it’s actually advantage Tottenham. It doesn’t feel like it from here!

One question I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on – was the plastic pitch to blame as ‘arry clearly thought (or wanted us to think)?

And give me some grounds for optimism – I’ve heard about how bad we were. But for them to let two goals in at home from 3 up suggests they are a bit frail too, no? What we’ve done is very Tottenham – but if it was the other way round we’d be saying the same thing!   

So I will be in Bangkok on Wednesday, and like many others there I hope to be staying up late into the night watching young boys being given a roasting. Don’t let me down Tottenham. Just when I thought you’d changed.



12 responses to “Hungry fish

  1. What happened? Shocking big game nerves from a Tottenham defence that was all over the place; a good battling team comfortable with their home pitch made it difficult for Spurs; they couldn’t miss in the first half. The truth is it could have been much worse for Spurs but equally it all went for a team that could have lost its confidence without such a fantastic start. I think spurs won’t play that badly at home and will progress comfortably. But it wasn’t the plastic pitch.

  2. Who is going to tell oog about Gallas?
    It may send him completely native out there in the Malaysian jungle. Remeber that scene from the Dear Hunter. Christoper Walken, bandaged head with a revolver to his temple and that smile, oh lord that smile……..
    What you don’t see in that scene is the t.v. in the back of the shack which is showing a Spurs match. Terry Neil was the manager at the time. It kind of explains things.

  3. Assuming we have actually signed Gallas – I’m pleased. He’s clearly a bit of a plonker, but he’s also very good. At least his moronic sit down protest was borne of frustration at how a game went rather than of how his image right negotiations were being conducted, or some such other moden day premiership footballer frippery. 

    That’s not revisionism though – I still think he is a slightly ridiculous man. ‘Arry made the point that he’s not Tony Adams. I think he was being polite – he clearly meant Sol Campbell. Anyone more palatable than that (by which I mean anyone – Pol Pot as reserve goalkeeper) is ok by me if it makes footballing sense. Remember the man in the raincoat’s blue and white army? We got through that (with a trophy) – I can live with william sodding gallas. 

    And there must be a few good songs in it. After all – he’s capi, he came and he stopped arsenal winning trophies…

  4. So here am I, 400 miles from home, living in the oogpad, doing the oog’s grandfilial duty of paying visits to the centenarian ooggranny, getting some oogshirts ironed, and indeed looking forward to using an oogticket (or rather oogcard) on Wednesday night. What I hadn’t realised was that looking at the oogblog would be a source of valuable info about the oogholiday. I should check the site more often.

    It’s good to know that the oog takes such a philosophical view of signing Gallas. As it happens I agree with him about this, but not about the possibility of making signings from the Khmer Rouge. Indeed other than Pot, I’m not sure I’ve heard of any of their players. Enjoy your holiday in South-East Asia, oog, just don’t start looking for players there.

    And as for Wednesday night, I shall recall that I was there for that semi-final against Benfica, when – if I remember right after all these years – numerous injustices included an over-the-line goal not given. But I also recall our first home game in the European Cup when – after we had at one point in the first leg been four down – we beat Gornik 8-1.

    So COYS and I’ll try to look after your card oog.

  5. We need an oog family tree. I is confoosed!

    Oogfather, if you ever get the time, a longer memoir from that Benfica game would be rather splendid. “and if you know your history” that’s one of the gems from our glorious past. Only read about it in books so would be great to get a first hand account.
    please please please let me get what i want ……on Wednesday night. COYS!

  6. Well what do you know. We ARE champions league. Come on you spurs – oops, we just did!

  7. Well it was a good night to be occupying the oogplace.

    There was certainly electricity in the air. Very dangerous with all that rain about. Personally I could have done without all the flags with which we were provided which would have been confiscated on health and safety grounds if we had brought them in ourselves. For me that is too artificial. A bit like trying to whip up atmosphere by belting out crowd cheers on the tannoy. We can do quite well ourselves without the club needing to orchestrate us.

    Once the game started the early goal settled us so the prospect of a nail-biting evening quickly abated. Mind you we created very little else in that first half, apart from JD’s display of almost Henry-esque legerdemain. A shrewder ref might have noticed that no-one was celebrating until he chose to award the goal, because everyone other than the officials had seen it.

    Not for the first time ‘Arry was reluctant to yield to Heurelho’s desire to come off. Is is that he didn’t want Cudicini cup-tied? But there was a worrying period when Gomes was moving at the pace of a slug and our defenders were slow to clock that he didn’t want to take goal kicks.

    And the second-half was a bit flat. YB needed goals, We waited for them to send players forward in order to catch them on the break but it didn’t really happen.

    But who cares? Oog you will be able to see CL games at the Lane. So perhaps you’ll come back soon.

  8. We did it!!!!

  9. After the match in Swizerland, I’m quite glad that oogfather felt a bit flat – those of us not at the Lane in person last night were happy to bathe in the warm glow of confidence that welled up with each goal, especially the second. Such a strange feeling. Let’s hope the new status – and the fact that the draw means we are indeed playing with the big boys now – will give the team far more confidence in Premiership matches – but not overconfidence. It will be intriguing to see if Harry is now able to get the striker we still need to avoid the blank or single goal scoresheet we too often had last season

  10. A decently testing group? I think group G would have been worse.

  11. Oogbruder we have a chance. At our best we can win the home games, even against Inter. As of now I think last eight is the best we are likely to do, but as long as we are in, we’ll always think we can go one stage further.

    I think it is a reasonable draw. No trips to the east. Not as favourable as the draw for the Mancs, Chelski or Woolwich but that comes from being in the third rather than the first pot.

    When are we going to hear more than one sentence from the oog? Too much holiday, too little football? What kind of ooglife is that?

  12. So, Arsenal in the Carling Cup. Do you think we can turn ’em over again? Or aren’t we bothered about that trophy anymore? Will ‘arry play the kids or a full strength squad?

    I think every cup is important and to beat Arsenal – again – would be great.

    What do you reckon?

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