Blood-stained Rupert

I’m pretty sure that watching Tottenham players on international duty feels exactly like watching your child ride a bike for the very first time. The thrill of seeing them give it a go away from the comfortable bosom of home. The excitement when they show they can mix it with the big boys. But ultimately the blind shit-scared terror that they are going to get hurt.

Of course, the analogy doesn’t completely hold. Your child is only your child, so get some perspective. If little Rupert tears his anterior cruciate ligament it’s not going to affect how we do in the Champions League, is it? Frankly, I’m sick of you banging on about him all the time, especially here on a football blog.

Unfortunately, we might as well consider Michael Dawson and Jermain Defoe as imaginary as little snotty-nosed blood-stained Rupert for the next two / three months respectively. The Defoe injury kind of makes my previous post’s point though. I’m gutted for Dawson when it comes to his injury. I’m gutted for myself when it comes to Defoe. This is the reality of being ‘kind of good’. You will have international players, and they will get injured. Just ask Arsenal. A team with many faults, but failing to qualify for the Champions League despite permanently having key players out is not one of them. You know it’s going to happen so it cannot be used as an excuse, although I’m sure Harry will do just that when it suits. That’s up to him, but we do still have Pav and Keane.

I have mixed feelings about our Russian goal machine. On the one hand he is a Russian goal machine. On the other hand, he actually isn’t (if you ignore the domestic cups) – 10 goals in 46 premiership games. I see him as basically a slightly better Steffen Iversen – all about the finishing, shame about the movement.

As for Keane, I’m not one to hold grudges (unless you have literally betrayed Jesus Christ which is clearly unforgivable) and I still want the guy to prove the doubters wrong. But these days I’m one of those doubters. Pointy Shouty Bloke now has a chance for a Guinness or two at the last chance saloon. Let’s hope he fills his boots. With goals, not Guinness, but hey – whatever it takes.

If we’re playing 4-5-1 we only need one of our strikers to actually be in any kind of form. And whether its 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 Peter Crouch is always in Peter Crouch form. He may score more at some points than at others [insert obvious gag here – remember all that stuff about him in the papers before some other guy was in all the papers?], but you more or less know what you will get and it’s effective. Also. our glorious run at the end of last season was achieved either without Defoe or with him in ‘waste of space’ mode. The three remaining forwards may all have question marks – but so does he.

So our poor beset squad drag themselves up to our biennial visit to the Hawthorns this weekend. Do I really have to make some attempt at giving you team news about West Brom now that I’m a card-carrying unofficial Tottenham Hotspur blogger? Apparently I do. Well, it’s bad news for us as both their Scottish internationals – Graham Dorrans and Someone Morrison – are out. The Baggies signed Paul Scharner at some point, I’ve just discovered. When did I become the sort of person who doesn’t know this kind of thing instantly? I still haven’t forgiven the creatively coiffured Austrian journeyman for the blatant handball that stopped us beating Wigan 9-0 last season. They also have Jerome Thomas. He looked like the real deal for about three months at Charlton, only to end up being disappointingly West Brommish. Jerome Thomas is exactly the sort of player that will have a blinder against us.

This is another test of how far the new Tottenham have come. Admittedly, so is every other game. We could lose 2-0 and blame it on the Champions League looming. Or we could stay reasonably solid, let them hit the bar a couple of times and wait for Crouch to score the only goal of the game in the 70th minute. Harry, go for the latter. Thanks.

Meanwhile Redknapp is touting himself for the England job again – but who cares as its two years away and no-one ever believed he was a long term option anyway. Steve Bruce has also chipped in. He said “I very rarely blow my own trumpet, but of course I would be interested”. What man wouldn’t? His own, that is. Not Steve Bruce’s.


13 responses to “Blood-stained Rupert

  1. What Would Jimbo Do

    I’d like to put my very poor reputation on the line and say it would be no bad thing away from home in the Champions League to play Pav up front on his own fvondefvoort behind with Luka pulling the strings in a midfield 4. Dawson is a miss, Defoe……I’m pretty sure he was offside anyway

  2. I agree. 1 up with Voldemort in ‘the hole’.

  3. Oh shit. Just seen the result. Anyone know what the bloody hell happened there?

  4. Spurs do my f..king head in sometimes!!!! come Tuesday ther’ll play like Barca and probably win or draw then play the f..king spammers and lose 3 nil……

  5. At least other teams who may well be challenging at the end of the season are dropping points like us. We really need a convincing home performance against Wolves to build confidence.
    Lets’ see how Tuesday night goes. It’s the big league now. Will we be out of our depth? COYS!

  6. Thanks HY was having a slight case of ‘RAMONITIS’ youve calmed me down slightly 0-). Will be making arrangements soon with the lads for the big nite tonite down the local. Lets see if we fart in the face of those sky pundits tonite!!!!!

  7. Im half suspecting all harrys talk of 442 being suicidal suggests we are going to go with a 442, but actually i reckon its crouch up front with a mdifield five including whoevers actually left standing, vfondevfoort in the hole for sure.

    Anyway, the bagel and I have landed in Bremen. It seems like a pleasant enough place, its very wet, ive already bumped into about three or four people im randomly following on twitter so its all good from a blog marketing perspective. Lets hope the football follows suit. Im sure I can stretch to a match report tomorrow. Weve got a spare ticket if anyone can jump on a plane in time…

  8. Kent Yid. I do it mainly to try and convince myself that we will be OK and that our class will shine through eventually. I’m glad it helped calm your nerves too. Have a good one tonight.
    oog and Bagel, I hope you are enjoying the delights of Bremen? I look forward to the report and remember that they don’t like it up ’em! Something along the lines of an old Bagel article from Prague featuring the brasses and limos waiting behind the stands and we will be in for a treat. Good luck chaps! COYS!

  9. When BAE f**ked up with ‘THAT KICK’, did he look boverd to you?? What was he thinking ffs….Git gave me a sleepless nite last nite!!!!! All in all im happy, played like class and made them look like shit

  10. We have to cut out these silly mistakes. Eventually they cost you. And we completely stood off Marin for the 2nd goal.
    At least we showed what we can do. I hope the boys take confidence from the result. we have to kick on from this and start to get fuckin serious about hammering oponents. Any news on VDV?

  11. looks like a thigh strain HY – which might have resulted in a tear had he stayed on.. he clearly needs to bed in slowly having not played enough full games for some time..
    I was impressed with JJ – he was solid and orchestrated things well alongside Hudd. I thought he’d switch to the right when Palacios came on but he stayed put which showed ‘Arry rates him in there..
    having slept on it.. what a fine 1st away performance dining at the table of Europe’s elite! we could easily have crumbled, let our heads drop and lost the game but we hung on and could even have nicked it towards the end.. Bremen look a solid team but no world beaters. Great player in Marin who must be enjoying the space vacated by Ozil. Both of our goals were team goals – that second was top drawer!
    what’s your thoughts on Jenas – bright future at the lane or one for the Bentley scrap heap?

  12. WP, I have always thought that Jenas has all the ability to become a truly top player. The only thing that I think prevents him from reaching his potential is his desire. I’m just not sure he has that “want to win at all costs” attitude that makes certain players stand out. He can be a great player but he can be a frustrating player too. He still has a very bright future for Spurs is he can find the drive and the passion to win. Think of players like Paul Miller, David Howells, Paul Allen, Stefan Freund. all players with much less talent than Jenas but they all had that do or die attitude when they played for us. Fans can forgive a player for not being the most skillful or elegant but hey will never forgive a player who looks like he might not be trying his hardest. I think that is why Jenas comes in for lots of stick. Maybe we are unfair to him. I remember Chris Waddle’s early months at Spurs and quite a few fans got on his back because he had those sloping shoulders and down cast attitude. Look what a gem he turned into. Let’s hope that Jenas will take his selcetion as a massive confidence boost and show us what he is made of.
    The VDV injury is annoying. He really looks class.

  13. Just a quick one all. New blog should be ready tomorrow but two consecutive nights of four hours sleep and one very heavy night of drinking and smoking cigarillos with some delightful Bremen fans is taking its toll. Thoughts on the game to come tomorrow I hope, but all I’ll say for now is that the CL experience was all I hoped it would be!

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