Mustn’t grumble

I’m much more annoyed about an away defeat against the Hammers than I am a Carling Cup hammering by the Gooners. It’s fine to prioritise some competitions over others but not if you can’t get a result in the bigger game.

 What’s particularly annoying about the West Ham result is that you could see it coming, couldn’t you? We beat them home and away every year. They haven’t had a win in the league all season. Their keeper has become a national laughing stock. Cue defeat, cue wonder save, cue mass navel gazing by Tottenham fans everywhere as we ask: what is going on with our team this season?

 The tea leaves are hard to read. Won two, drawn two, lost two. It’s definitely below par, but so far all the top teams have been except Chelsea and Arsenal (and they didn’t have particularly good days either). But with City’s result it’s becoming clear, I think. They are the team who’s coat-tails we need to hang on to.  I’m starting to doubt that we can. Not because we’ve suddenly turned rubbish – on the contrary, we’ve been absolutely great at times this season. And it doesn’t look like we were that bad against the Hammers. A truly fantastic move from Lennon and Modric would have led to a goal nine times out of ten, and Huddlestone missed where Sandra would have burst the net. It’s just that we’re so damn schizophrenic. We’ll probably turn in a cracking performance against Twente this midweek, and maybe even sneak a win against Villa. But if we do, we’ll lose against Fulham away.

 Meanwhile, I can’t see City dropping points against Newcastle at home and Blackpool away. They really are starting to look like a top four team now and the top level experience in their squad is frightening. We don’t look like a team that can put consistent runs of wins together, and in that respect we haven’t really changed. Even our glorious run at the end of last season consisted of only one away win – the key game at Eastlands. And whilst losing to Burnley didn’t really matter in the context of the season, perhaps it served as a reminder of our true place. You know that when Tottenham put a run of results together, it’s a good team at their peak, not a really good team at their true level. Perhaps “the era of new Tottenham has passed”. Perhaps they’ll always sink back down again.

 Harsh, perhaps. We’re still my tip for 5th. It’s not about sliding down into the dank subsoil of the premier league jungle. Liverpool fans must at least be contemplating the possibility that they are worm food and it’s not so bad for us.  It’s just that our true level hasn’t really changed. Lying in wait just below the canopy so that we can soak up the sun when it breaks through now and again.

 I haven’t seen any evidence yet to suggest we can really make a long term break through. As I’m in the mood for metaphors from the natural world, here’s another one. For now we look like the vultures of the Champions League spots. Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, be warned. If you’re having a weak and sorry wreck of a season we will haul you down and pick at your carcass. You may never make it back to the land of the living. We’re there, hovering, circling, watching, ready to swoop. But unless the prey is already weak we can’t really hurt it. It’s looking like the vultures may go hungry this year.

 We’ll just have to carrion picking up points where we can and hope I’m wrong about City. The only saving grace is that if I were a blue moon blogger, I’d probably be saying very similar things about my own team’s schizoid tendencies. Actually, the other saving grace is that I’m wrong about lots of things, all of the time.

 Anyway. Champions League football at the Lane on Wednesday. Mustn’t grumble.


7 responses to “Mustn’t grumble

  1. Oog, if you carrion like this you’ll be on stage!! I thang yowl!
    We seem to have an injury crisis at the back. That is on top of the injury crisis at the back that we started the season with. Our season is yet to take off. I think that we are going to frustrate more than delight this season. More ifs and buts and what might have been for us. Our season needs a spark and a few fully fit centre backs. Maybe FC Twente will be the tinder that ignites our season?
    I’ve only just turned my mobile phone on. It’s amazing howmany texts you can get from West Ham fans when they actually win a game. I have risen above it all and ignored them, the slaaaagsssssss!
    But at least the scum lost so all is not bad in the world. boing boing! eh FG?

  2. 5 “seasons” in a paragraph? I will try and be more seasonally adjusted in future.

  3. Sandra or Sandro? – it’s a tough selection call for Harry sometimes..

  4. I’d be happy if I thought Liverpool still belonged in the category of teams that needed to have a bad season to be picked off by Spurs. In fact, it’s hard to see how Liverpool improve from here. Ok, mid-upper table Is still going to happen but there must be a risk that no deal is done; with no money Torres becomes an asset to realise and Gerrard is carrying a weaker team than previous years. It will probably come right but following Liverpool is a little less joyful than it was. Have a ticket for the Old Firm, though, and as long as Celtic win the league I can happily ignore matters English and European.

  5. Talking of vultures , if we don’t achieve
    the holy grail of chumps league what will
    become of modders , Bale and VDV?
    Surely our vulture arses will become carrion to
    the player vultures.
    That will move us lower down the food chain.

    Ah the life of a Spurs fan, Glorious!!!

  6. A win later and we get back on track. Anything less and we are seriously looking at the shitty end of the stick.

  7. I read a blog post over the summer somewhere out there on the intertubes that asked the question “when did you give up last season?” It was a good point. I seem to remember the second loss against Wolves and failing to get nothing at Anfield being particular low points but we still managed to pull it off.

    It’s a long season and our expectations have gone up since last time around. Game for game, we’re behind in terms of points but I’m not sure that’s the best way to judge things. We are going to lose away from home and while it was West Ham this time, we could easily pick up some points on the road that we wouldn’t normally elsewhere.

    That said, I do agree that City are looking better this season. More complete. More ruthless. There was a time in the last campaign when they went through some terrible run of results while Tevez was away – bad enough for us to get away with being a little lacklustre at the same time. Perhaps this time the only difference is that those indifferent patches aren’t coinciding.

    I’ve got to say that it worries me to think that we won’t make fourth. It’s very possible. We might have overachieved last season but we achieved it nonetheless. That was the hard part. That meant we kept our players and were able to attract more. Once we come fifth we lose those powers and it would rather feel like going back to square one with the promised land just as far away again as it was for all those years.

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