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This international break would be much easier to write about if coconuts was a Liverpool blog. So I’ve decided that it is. Sorry yids –they’ve got more fans and I want the traffic.

Well perhaps not, quality not quantity.  You guys are the best.  But what a saga this boardroom battle is proving to be!  More ups and downs than the Chilean mine rescue. More excitement than they’ve seen on the pitch at Anfield this season. More lawyers than the west stand upper. And this game of texas injunct’em ain’t over yet.

My first instinct is to find it all vaguely amusing. Liverpool supporters kind of get on my nerves . I know that’s a gross generalisation. Having lived in Yorkshire and London and travelled extensively in South East Asia I’ve met lots of nice ones.  Every big club has their own mythology, Hod knows we do. There’s just something about theirs that I find slightly mawkish, over sentimentalised, knowingly too Scouse. “Liverpool is a family. A feeling. An emotion. Unique. Uniquely unique. You don’t understand how special this club is. Spirit of Shankly. A proud history. Blah Blah Blah”.  I don’t think Man Utd fans are quite like this. Perhaps Barcelona fans are and I just don’t know it. Celtic fans are but I sort of agree with them.

Check out the link for the kind of humourless tripe that fuels this burgeoning prejudice. I originally thought it was a spoof by Everton fans. With Ricky bloody Tomlinson.  Special mention to Ian McCulloch from Echo and the Bunnymen for his contribution at 2:10 and to his mate for not quite cracking up.  Julian Cope was always funnier and cooler.

I’m not even particularly anti-Liverpool, honestly.  If they are playing in the Champions League (they used to, you know) I cheer them on. In my head I prefer them to Man Utd without questioning why this should be when I find them so dull. I used to actively quite like them but somehow in the modern game I’ve lost any real feeling for them. Ultimately though – great people, great city, great team. No arguments.

So part of me finds it funny. Also the part of me that cannot quite believe a team with Gerrard and Torres isn’t a threat to us wants them to be deducted 9 points.

But a much bigger part of me thinks of this boardroom mutiny as just another example of modern English football eating itself, and can’t see anything to laugh about. There’s an all pervasive greed that manifests itself in so many ways and we all know it. It’s greed that motivates Spurs to fly some random part timers to the San Siro for £300 whilst loyal Spurs season ticket holders miss out. Loyal as defined by Spurs’ own ‘loyalty points’ scheme. It’s greed that makes me worry we might actually move to Stratford. It’s greed that creates a system that stops anyone outside the four richest teams from dreaming about winning the title unless they suddenly become one of those teams.

It’s boring having to talk about it. I talk about it all the time.  How can you not if you are a thinking football fan? It’s nice being in the promised land this year. But let the record show that even whilst riding the Champions League wave, I still brooded over the unfairness of the 21st century game. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, the Hopi people of Arizona called it. Meaning literally “an imbalanced way of running football”.

What depresses me about the current situation is that most Liverpool fans will be delighted if and when the new owner is confirmed. They will read about what a successful businessman and sports enthusiast he is. He’ll keep tweeting and they’ll think ‘this guy cares about the real fans’. They will be proved right, or proved wrong, but it’s pot luck. Fingers crossed. At what point do fans insist on real rather than regime change, and hoping that their boardroom lottery numbers come up? Working men of all clubs, unite!

Rousing words, comrades. And obviously totally hypocritical ones too from a man who: pays £700 a year to buy into this nonsense; is thinking of getting a spurs top for himself and one for his godson; secretly wants a stadium tour, and who adds to all the white noise with this blog! The greed carries on devouring all in it’s path because we’re too blinded by the premiership product to do anything about it. Levy’s alright. Our numbers kind of came up so let’s just hope our luck continues. I care too much about football for my own good, but I don’t care enough to do anything about it. Like you, probably.

Bloody hell. Lighten up Oog. Come on boys, hurry up and lose to Fulham so I’ve got something else to moan about.


8 responses to “You guys

  1. Oog, if you had a Facebook style ‘Like’ button, I would click it!

    Your opinion is totally correct IMHO, but the unfairness of it all does seem to matter slightly less to me whilst we’re doing well. Of course, if we had 2 points from 8 games this season then it would all be the fault of the unfairness and greed of modern football, right?

  2. Good stuff. What is frightening is that what looked to be a successful club which was owned and run responsibly was sold to another set of owners who shift the costs, and much of the risk, into debts that are piled on the club. I hope for the best from any new owner but it’s pot luck as you say.

  3. Glory Glory, I’m sure I can put one up and I will hold you to your promise! I think you can share the blog on facebook at the moment – but always happy to hear how I can make the blog more accessible.

    You’re quite right of course. The unfairness of it all seems less important when we’re doing well, which is partly why I wrote this post when its happening to someone else and we’re riding relatively high.

    My worry is that the erosion of traditional football culture is happening at a cost. The problem is how will you explain that cost to the next generation? If you say “its a shame Southampton and Ipswich can’t win anything these days, there’s no competition” they’ll just say “yes there is, I support Chelsea and we’re in competition with Barcelona, Man Utd, Bayern Munich etc”.

    In a way they are right. Football is more exciting than ever if you are a have rather than a have not, and kids will just become haves rather than have nots. Obviously twas ever thus – its just more glaring and concentrated than twas.

    Personally, I’d much rather see the best players spread across more teams even if it meant we didn’t get to see some of the most awesome club football ever, which we’ve had over the last decade. Money men and glory hunters won’t agree and they will probably continue to get their way.

    Oogbruder – why not pick Spurs as your English team, it will be much more fun for you I reckon…

  4. Hicks and Gillette are callous money makers with no interest in sport and are currently attempting to sell out to a hedge fund which I fear spells further disaster.

    Fulham away – I will take a 1-1 draw. In fact I may have a little flutter.

  5. There is now interactive coverage of the Liverpool sale on Skysports website would you believe.

  6. Callous money makers indeed, Davey. But if all we do is moan when it goes wrong and relax when it goes right, this is only going to happen again and again at other teams. One day it may be ours.

    Meanwhile – Fulham! More important than Internazionale, and I for one will be very annoyed if we rest King for midweek when there’s a winnable game in the premiership. Other than that, I guess Hutton stays in. Modric in the middle with Hudd, Bale on the left and Lennon on the right? Hasn’t happened so far this season but thats what I’d like to see. I reckon we’re due a good performance from Aaron, although I’m not sure whether he’s fit.

  7. Aaaagh!!!! Fookin Scousers!

    We gave you the Beatles!!!!! That about sums them up with their smug ergghh scouceness, I so hope they get docked 9 point then get relegated.

    You gave us Bread and shit accents more like it

  8. something a bit off subject- anyone checked ledley’s acting skills lately- around 2.30

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