it’s over

My long holiday continues. I hope to spend the Saturday night of my stag do writing the report for Chelsea away however. Apologies in advance…

Thanks to Whatwouldjimbodo? for standing in – sorry its up so late! And if we somehow perform the miracle, let the record show it was Oog who chose the title!

I was asked to write a guest blog by the Oog, I was naturally hesitant, but bribed into it with a free ticket to the match. Before the game I’d put a few sentences together that I thought might sound like I could write a blog. A couple of these were:

Well every game’s a cup final now, and as cup finals go, I prefer mine against West Brom not Arsenal.

The North London derby always seems a little isolated from the goings on in the league, but having escaped with dignity intact, and maybe even a moral victory, it is back to the hunt for 4th.

Unfortunately, although I always saw this as a tricky game, I didn’t really think we wouldn’t win. In fact, Saturday’s game encapsulated much of what we have done wrong this season.

‘Arry has repeated his mantra in recent weeks, “it’s gonna be harder this season than last, what wiv City spending 400 gazillion quid etc”. “Next season will be harder again, what wiv Liverpool gettin better etc”.

The truth is: it hasn’t been harder this season. In the last 10 seasons the average points haul needed for 4th place has been 68 points. Last season we scored 70 points. We are simply not going to make those points targets this year, but it has nothing to do with Man City spending gazillions of petrodollars. We thoroughly outplayed City at the Lane, got 4 points from Arsenal, have taken points from Chelsea and United. In the mini table at the top we’ve fared reasonably well.

We’ve failed to beat West Brom, Wigan, Blackpool, Wolves, West Ham.

The Baggies (who thoroughly deserved their point) celebrated as if they’d taken all 3 on Saturday, and the truth is, nearly every side would take a point from an away match with Spurs nowadays. Chelsea and United both sat deep and hung on. We don’t have the strikers to consistently pinch the goals to win those games…….which seems a little unfair as both our strikers scored on Saturday, but we all know it is true.

So, it’s over. Well that’s how it seems to me. We’ve come up short, and in a strange way, not because we weren’t good enough. We have however had an amazing season.

We’ve seen 9 times European Champions grace WHL, we gave them a pretty decent game at the second time of asking. We’ve monstered Milan, which ever flavour you care to mention. We’ve taken 4 points from the ole enemy, and generally been the neutrals team of choice. At times we’ve played some of the best football I’ve ever seen at the Lane. Roll on next season, roll on Spurs.

Unless of course we beat Chelsea, and then…………


4 responses to “it’s over

  1. I have to agree its all over but I can’t help to feel disappointed.
    Its been good but…..

  2. The Europa League will seem like such an anti-climax. COYS for Saturday!

  3. We’ll be lucky to qualify for the Europa League at this point. Seriously.

    Why is it that we can’t seem to beat the teams we should be able to destroy consistently? It was this way last year, too, when Wolves did the double on us. I guess I should be happy we managed a draw with West Brom. At least it wasn’t a loss.

    And it seems like when we can score (relatively) freely, we ship just as many goals. And when we finally start defending, we can’t score. When will we ever get it right? And when will we ever learn that you have to show up for each match, not matter how small or unchallenging the opponent is.

  4. Harry got it right over the summer. Sorted a leader on the pitch in Parker, in turn this gave a second bonus of King playing more as having to run less. Crouch went out, Adebayor came in….and as much as I liked Gomes, Big Brad has proven to be a top signing as well. The results are doing the talking and we do not have to hear Redknapp spouting excuses week in week out….COYS!

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